Just for Men

Men like jewelry too. But, sometimes they think they don't like it, and many men do not like to shop for jewelry. Many of my designs can be easily adapted to look great around a man's wrist or neck. I've included pictures of a few of the most popular with the men I know.

After several years of prodding my husband to try a bracelet and getting only, "I don't like to wear jewelry", I just made him his own bracelet. He loved it, and now wears it every day. With my very "macho" brother--same story. He is an avid fisherman, and I have such a variety of fish beads that I just made him his own "fish" bracelet. He wears it very proudly. This same story has occurred repeatedly with my friends and my customers' friends. So, don't write him off, just because he thinks he doesn't like jewelry.

Pictures coming soon!




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