World Peace

Worn with the intention that no religious group use its theology to justify waging war on other peoples, this bracelet was designed in response to the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Each bracelet contains a world bead, a peace dove, and a heart (for the compassion we offer to each other). It comes with a card with the following text:

“This jewelry can be worn to envision world peace, encouraging respect for differences and peaceful solutions through a variety of spiritual traditions. Beads include an inlaid World Bead; a peace sign or peace dove; a heart for compassion; symbols of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; and small beads from Afghanistan and the Middle East. Other beads from Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, African, Celtic, and American Indian traditions may be represented.”

Bracelets ($40 ea)

Blue and Green

Neutral Tones





# 1

Combining old African trade beads
and old Ethiopian silver Telsum and
yellow glass beads makes this
necklace quite stunning.

Price: $180

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