Loving Kindness

This is a wonderful gift for anyone experiencing a difficult transition—such as the death of a loved one, an illness, job loss, a move to a new community, or a divorce. Based on a Buddhist prayer that all beings be well and happy, this prayer bracelet offers help to the wearer as well as all other beings in the world. A card accompanies this jewelry and reads:

“This jewelry is inspired by the powerful Buddhist meditation practice that promotes loving kindness as an antidote to pain and suffering. Wearing this will support kindness to yourself and to others in the world. The central bead is a Tibetan Dorje. Surrounding it are hearts, representing kindness first to yourself, then kindness to those who love you or are taking care of you, then to others suffering in a similar way, and finally to those in your larger community, including those who have made your path difficult. The bead with the spiral helps you send a prayer of kindness to the entire world.”

All bracelets are made to order and  many other semi-precious stones are available.  Bracelets on stretchy cord are $25.00.  Bracelets with a toggle clasp are $30.








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