Eye Beads

Each piece of jewelry with Eye symbols comes with a card that reads:

“Many traditional cultures have maintained the belief in a need for protection from 'Evil Eyes.' Still a very important belief in the Middle East, the same understanding is carried in African, Mediterranean, and Hispanic traditions, among others. This wisdom tells us that we are especially vulnerable when we have achieved some success that might elicit jealousy or envy in others, or pride and greed in ourselves. Beads and other talismans are frequently said to offer help. I have gathered many different beads—some traditional, some new—to make this jewelry.”

Bracelets of New Glass Beads, $25 ea.

Brown & Black

Teal & Black


Red and Black


Bracelets of Traditional or Antique Beads, $25 ea.

Bone 1

Bone 2

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Eye Beads
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