In the Hindu understanding of the body, the seven primary chakras are powerful energy centers. Each of the chakras has a corresponding color associated with it. Keeping our chakras clear so they are free to give and receive energy is a very important aspect of physical and emotional health. This jewelry comes with a card with the following text:

“The seven chakras of the body work together to provide universal energy and balance. This jewelry reminds us of the blessings of physical and spiritual health. The chakras are represented by the following colors: Red: the root chakra—one’s sense of security and general well being. Orange: the sacral chakra—sexuality, creativity and intuition. Yellow: the solar plexus—personal power and vitality. Green: the heart chakra—love and compassion. Turquoise (or light blue): the throat—communication through thought, speech and writing. Blue (or indigo): the forehead—higher intuition and psychic ability. Purple: the crown of the head—center of spirituality and enlightenment.”

Bracelets ($35 ea)

with Stretchy Cord

with Toggle Hook



#1 ($90)

#2 ($60)

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