Each Buddha bracelet and necklace comes with a card that reads:

“The image of the Buddha is one that has inspired people from many cultures to awaken and live a compassionate life. I have been collecting Buddha beads for several years, using them in different projects. Finally, I decided to let the image stand on its own. Your jewelry may also contain the following symbols: a square bead—Four Noble Truths, a bead with eight points or spokes—the Eightfold Path, a Dorje bead—enlightenment or awakening, a spiral bead—the interconnected nature of all life, a heart—compassion, the essence of Buddhist teaching.”

Because each item is individually designed, prices on both bracelets and necklaces vary depending on the beads used. In general, bracelets retail for between $35 and $50, and necklaces between $55 and $95.




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Three Times

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